Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Flat Earth Goes Mainstream

On Late nite Macedonian TV Dave AKA DMurphy25 former atheist debunks the occultic, heliocentric, spinning ball earth mythology, answers frequently asked questions and thoroughly explains why empirical evidence & axiomatic facts overwhelmingly support the biblical, closed, cosmological system we actually live in. It's a excellent presentation. 5 stars! This video came from a Macedonian late night show. 

If you haven't noticed by now, I take a lot of others work and make a stew out of it all with a hint of my own work. Credit goes to the community, not just 1 person. We are a team and our geocentric plane is opening up eyes all over the world. 

Someone once asked me: "Why can't you see Cuba from key west"? My response: Ever heard of atmospheric conditions hence smog, fog, moisture, clouds etc? We can't see infinity and the Suns light only reaches so far because it is close...It's called the laws of perspective. The laws of perspective with converging lines leading to the vanishing point always points to the horizon and to the eye level of the observer, regardless of altitude reflects a flat plain - not some oblate round ball. You have never seen curved water or an authentic picture of this pear shaped oblate spheroid. To the psychopaths running your mouths in the comments: let go of the anger and use your free will and be free thinker and an Independant researcher. Or you can continue to follow a few psuedo scientists and the zionist controlled public school systems that have corrupted your family. The satanist vatican/ scientific community control your thoughts and perception of this flat plain we live on. Wake up! ! You're under a spell and acting like a crybaby zombie and don't even realize it!

Being at the center of the universe opens up doors you can't even fathom. Geocentrist Dave Murphy makes history by appearing on mainstream media and most of the world doesn't even have a clue. I don't agree with everything he says especially on the subject of "aliens" because there are other "tribes" stretched across our infinite plane. Some people get the word firmament mixed up with the word dome which is interpreted 98% as a "snowglobe" type structure like the luciferian Masonic mockery may have some believe. We perceive the firmament curving because of the laws of perspective with converging lines to the vanishing point (curved firmament) just like a rainbow. The firmament runs parallel with the infinite flat plain. It's time to snap out of that "flat earth society" controlled opposition mentality. We live on the ever expanding "universe". THEY ARE HIDING LAND! We're not trapped in here like they've convinced the globeheads of the toy ball!! We are not trapped in here dufis faces lol It's okay for the FE community to have different views as long as we can all agree it's flat and immovable. All the name calling and "shill this" and that person is a disinformation agent sent in to destroy the flat earth" WHO GIVES A SHIT? All of you need to grow up and unite with one another. Who cares if we've got a few govt paid flat earthers??!? They're still getting the message out you crybaby wahh wah's!

NASA and the Secrete Govt seals the worlds failure by faking a moon landing, releasing fake cgi and realist paintings along with a bunch of staged false flags and whuh lahh! A bunch of selfish specs of dust accidents from a big bang that stemmed from nothing running around like zombies robbing and killing one another. Globetards hold tight to your astronomy and sun worship while the geocentrists save the world. GOD's word is true!! HAVE FAITH and stop calling each other out like kids throwing rocks on the playground.

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