Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Shlomo. Das verlorene Land

Tolle Nachricht! "Shlomo. Das verlorene Land" gewann den Publikumspreis für die beste Doku beim Film Festival Piemonte 2013 in Turin.

SHLOMO. The lost land
a documentary film by Stefano Rogliatti, Matteo Spicuglia, year 2012

Tur Abdin does not exist on the maps. Deep Turkey, Southeast with Kurdish majority, high Mesopotamia on the border with Syria. Tur Abdin is the homeland of Arameans, an ancient Christian people, the only one that still speak Aramaic. “Shlomo” is their greeting of peace. Language, culture, religion: the roots of identity at risk of extinction. Until a century ago, in Tur Abdin there were more than 500 thousand Arameans, but today they are barely 2500. Victims of the tragedies of the last century, fleeing from a country marked by the conflict and by the discrimination.

— mit Melki Toprak.

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