Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Russischer Sprecher des Repräsentantenhauses droht mit der Tsunami Waffe!

Russia: Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy the World withSecret "Tsunami-WMD" This is an interview that Speaker Zhyrinovsky gave to TV station inGeorgia. Not State of Georgia, USA, but Georgia, a sovereign state in Europe on the Black Sea

In recent years, Russian authorities say that the problem of Russia'sWorld Trade Organisation accession are almost solved, keepingin mind the fact that Moscow has reached an agreement withWashington, and now Moscow believes that to negotiate with Tbilisihave no difficulty.
Firstly, it is the authorities of Russia, The President, who want Russia'sWorld Trade Organisation accession.We are the Liberal Democratic Party and as an opposition party, we havenever advocated Russia joining in the World Trade Organisation .We are against it, but it makes the decision is up to the country'sleadership, so we join the World Trade Organisation this year or next, withno regard to Georgia's position.If Georgians took a negative position and try to block russia joining WorldTrade Organisation , they will bring upon themselves a great misfortune.Because the world is facing great financial crisis, and possibly a third worldwar.

Events in North Africa show that it can begin. This is not my conclusion.Generals are talking about it in Europe and in U.S.A., because if Libyawould be taken any drastic measures, it can lead to very large aggravation.In any case, the objective of the United States and Israel is to destroy Iran. And IRAN is right on the border with Armenia, Azerbaijan and GeorgiaTherefore, if Georgia would prevent Russia's entry into World TradeOrganisation , all Georgian businesses in Russia will be destroyed, - all Georgian mafia would be forcibly relocated from Russia back to Georgiaby aircraft, military transport, and all of state of Georgia will be blocked onall borders - at sea, land and air.And the death hand of hunger will be strangling and destroying Georgiathen. In a case of nuclear attack on Iran, millions of refugees will rush into theCaucasus, we Russians will stop them in the Azerbaijan border, and directthe flows of refugees to Georgia. Georgia will be wiped out completely by it. 10 million refugees, all of them there like the clouds of locusts will eatGeorgia alive if Georgia would dare to put any obstacles in the way of Russia joining the World Trade Organisation .
How real are Russia's chances of joining the World TradeOrganisation today ?
Chances are at 100%. Russia will join the World Trade Organisation . And when the time will come - Russia will join the EU.

Later Russia will create a second EU on the basis of the Eastern Europe -the Baltic States and our European neighbors.Pros - just more opportunities for trade, to export our goods to all WorldTrade Organisation members.Cons - that we will have to let some goods from abroad, into Russia thatwill sell for less than domestic: it will be difficult to block the penetration of the foreign made products into Russia.There are pros, there are downsides.Well, if the whole world is in the World Trade Organisation then, we willhave to join also.I do not rule out the decay of the European Union, the disintegration of theeuro area, and the disintegration of NATO, including the dissolution of theWorld Trade Organisation .Later, after the third world war, some new international organizations willemerge.The beginning of the the third world war is still in the future. Today Russiais forced to join the World Trade Organisation .But I and my party ,the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia,- we are againstthe World Trade Organisation

Why Russia is not willing to compromise and allow observers frominternational organisations to monitor the checkpoint on the river Psou and Roki tunnel ?
If Russia allows the observers from international organisations there,-this would mean that Russia refuses to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.Therefore, it Russia will not allow this. And Georgia will have a dilemma either to face a sharp deterioration of the internal situation in Georgia, including economic situation, or to stopinterfering with Russian interest.My advice would be to quietly give your consent and to forget the wholematter once and for all. Existence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is not in the interest of theLiberal Democratic Party (LDPR) of Russia.Either they are independent or they are parts of Georgia- it doesn’t matter to us because we are interested in having a direct Russian-Turkish border.In a way that we want no one else territory to sit between us (Russia) andTurkey, neither Abkhazia nor South Ossetia or Georgia or Azerbaijan. We want to have Russian -Turkish border and in the West to have -Russian-German border. Those are two boundaries that LDPR party will defend in the future.All these odd states between us, they provoke tensions and the worseningof the situation in the world.
How realistic would be an admission of the representatives of a third party?

For example, if on behalf of Georgia at the checkpoint therewill be European customs officials, following the example of theTransnistria Republic?

I'm not sure. I think that the position of the leadership of Russia is very hardin this matter, and there will be no change.Russia will use America, or some other country, for a leverage againstGeorgia, so that all issues will be resolved for the benefit of Russia joiningthe World Trade Organisation.Better for Georgia not to take this direction . Otherwise, Georgia will lose very much.In particular, Saakashvili will lose hispower.
Some people in Georgia believe that Moscow is throwing the whiteflag to Georgia who is blocking Russia's accession to the World TradeOrganisationthrough the promise by Gennady Onishchenko to admit Georgianwines to the Russian market What would you say to that?

No white flag, no.Do not even hope.We never bowed our head to no one .Instead all the great powers bowed their heads to Russia: China andJapan, Germany, France, including the United States.
It is beyond the issue of allowing foreign wines to be imported to Russia. I think about it as a whole issue a global one. We used to block imports to our market all the goods from Moldova, andBelarus.Therefore, here is a direct link between Russia's accession to the and theproblems associated with some exports to Russia. I think Russia has enough leverage to influence Georgia and get it right for Russia on permission to join the World Trade Organisation .With wine, or without wine, with customs or no customs, the solution will befound.We only need 4 parties to agree: Washington,Moscow, Brussels andChina.There are only 4 ruling capitals in the world - Washington, Brussels,Moscow, Beijing.Thats it. Only 4 capitals of the world. No one else matters No one else has any serious influence.The rest of the countries are no players in the international scene 4 of the world capitals will always agree.Players are: -Obama, -the representatives of the European Union, -Medvedev, -representative of China.Thats it.

The four of them will always agree.In this case, the Chinese will come to Moscow and will agree with theposition of Moscow.Europeans will arrive to Moscow and will agree with the position of Moscow.And the Americans will come to Moscow as Biden has now been.And he agreed on everything.No problems.Everything is decided only in the 4 capitals of the world Furthermore, Washington has no future, this artificial state will collapse; then the old Europe, that continent, which has no importance whatsoever; China is on the verge of explosion; and what remains is Russia possessing orbital launch capability:space power. Russia with lots of money, resources, and new weapons, that no oneknowsabout them yet. With them WE WILL DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of a laser, not a lightning, no, but a quiet and peaceful weapon.Whole continents will be put to sleep forever.And thats all You will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of your buildings. And all of you 120 million will die, if you will ever demand theKuriles from us!So goes for the rest of the world.Everybody should think about their future.About the future of everyone, you all should start thinking . You think now about selling your wine, Georgian wine, to Russia.And you demand UN observers at the border. Do you want the World to forget the word Georgia completely? It will be Russian-Turkish border insteadPresident Saakashvili , you think about it! And then there will be another tsunami.On the other side of the planet, in the Caucasus.Thats it for you. “
COMMENT from Kabud

 "And all 120 million will die, if you will ever demand the Kuriles from us!" Meanwhile, Zhirinovsky has explanation for another, not less relevantproblem at this time - natural disasters in Japan. Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party has found the answer to thequestion about the reasons for earthquakes and tsunamis ..........inthe Kuril issue! According to Zhirinovsky, the same fate befall on all who would enter into any dispute with Russia.

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  1. Statt einer schlechten Übersetzung hätte ich mir die Qriginal-Quellen im Original (Russisch) gewünscht. Die Ausrutscher in Detailprobleme ausgeschmückt mit Phantasie entsprechen der Art des Redens von Schirinowski - aber die Drohgebärde mit dem Tod von 120 Millionen wegen der Kurilen, dafür brauche ich die Originalaussage von Schiri in Russisch plus den Quellen. Sonst akzeptiere ich so etwas nicht.
    Auch seine Schreckens-Visionen eines Beitritts Russlands zur EU, die eine rein jüdische Diktatur ist, halte ich für einen Ausbruch des Deliriums.